Dishes with Rice

21. Cơm trắng cải xào đồ biển
stir fried seafood and vegetables with steam rice
22. Cơm bò or Ga xào rau cải
stir fried beef or chicken fillet lemongrass chilli with steam rice
23. Cơm bo or gà xào xã ớt
Stir fried beef or chicken fillets lemongrass chilli with steam rice
24. Cơm tấm bì sườn chả
pork chop, shredded pork and egg with broken rice
24a. Com Vit Quay
Roast Duck with Steamed rice
25. Cơm chiên gà chiên dòn
fried chicken with plain fried rice
26. Cà ri dê cơm trắng
goat curry with steamed rice
27. Cơm chiên bò lúc lắc
stir fried diced veal with onion and pepper with plain fried rice