Rice and Steamboat

168. Cơm chiên đồ biển
seafood fried rice
M $17.00 L $23.00
169. Cơm chiên Lido
Lido special fried rice
M $14.00 L $19.00
170. Cơm chiên gà cá mặn
fried rice with chicken and salted fish
M $15.00 L $21.00
171. Cơm xào chay
fried rice with vegetables, tofu and egg
M $12.00 L $16.00
172. Cơm trắng (1) người
plain steam rice (per person)
173. Lẩu canh chua (self service)
pot with sour soup
M $55.00 L$70.00
174. Lẩu thập cẩm tươi (self service)
combination meat and vegetables in cooking pot
M $55.00 L $70.00